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    Puja Sangar

    Chief Engagement Officer

    I work on communications and PR campaigns with leaders who are looking to spark movements around their ideas, launch new ventures, or write bestselling books.


    Having launched my career in the book publishing industry, I bring a deep expertise in shaping and marketing content for mainstream audiences.


    I have worked with prominent as well as first time authors including Aaron Hurst, John Mackey, Andrew Winston, Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen, Peter Diamandis, Ray Kurzweil, Michael Casey, Carl Safina, Steven Hill, Navi Radjou, Jonah Sachs, and Liz Wiseman.


    I have also partnered with mission-driven organizations such as Fuse Corps, MBAs Across America, Imperative, NationBuilder, The Presidio Institute, Net Impact, Whole Foods, Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society, Open Impact, and The World Bank.


    I occasionally write for publications including Fast Company and Harvard Business Review.


    Previously I was VP of publicity at Fortier Public Relations, and held senior marketing and publicity positions at Stanford University Press, Mayfield Publishing, and McGraw-Hill.


    I live in San Francisco, and credit all my good ideas to walks in the city's beautiful hills.


    I believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives, and make the world a better place. I work with thought leaders, founders of startups, and social entrepreneurs launching new ventures. I genuinely care about the issues I get behind, bringing my clients' ideas to life with customized campaigns that move their audiences in new and provocative ways. Their stories are regularly shared by influential bloggers and podcasters, co-created on social networks, and covered in high-profile news media, from Fast Company to the New York Times, and NPR. I'm not afraid to be disruptive in order to cut through the noise.


    Whether you are looking to raise awareness about your startup, launch a new book, share a new research study, or build momentum for a new program, we would collaborate on creating compelling messages and stories to engage with your audience.


    We would develop a content engagement strategy to share your work through your website and other digital media. We would leverage trusted relationships with influential journalists to get your work covered in the local, national and global press. We would reach out to likeminded influencers and organizations to pursue partnerships and speaking opportunities that are the best fit for you.


    Our goal is to create a customized communications campaign that's not about one-off clicks and hits, but rather one that's about amplifying your ideas, taking them to action, so you can have a greater impact.


    Aaron Hurst, author of The Purpose Economy & CEO, Imperative


    "It makes such a difference to work with someone who inherently shares your vision and is passionate about social enterprises. Puja got tangible results with top tier media like NY Times, Washington Post, Bloomberg TV and NPR during The Purpose Economy book campaign. She was communicative and responsive both with the Imperative team and the publisher and went above and beyond. She is extremely well connected, hard working and was a pleasure to get to know and work with. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a partner in any PR campaign."


    Liz Wiseman, bestselling author & executive advisor


    "Puja did a brilliant job getting press and media attention for Multipliers. She was able to present the book's core ideas to the media with both clarity and conviction. She secured important media coverage, including an interview on NPR Morning Edition. The week following this NPR interview, book sales took off and Multipliers hit the Wall Street Journal bestseller list. She continued to get coverage for the book in print, radio, and in the blogosphere, which has further fueled interest."

    Jennifer Anastasoff, former CEO, Fuse Corps


    "Puja is dedicated to social enterprise and is the real thing. She has been able to raise the profile of Fuse Corps by connecting us with the right people at the right time - and she has done so with humility and a desire to deeply understand our mission and goals. Social enterprises that are able to bring her on would be truly lucky to have her!"

    Casey Gerald, CEO, MBAs Across America


    "This movement has grown leaps and bounds because of Puja's commitment to grasping the essence of the stories that MBax Fellows and entrepreneurs were creating across the country this summer, and using her vast local & national network across print, digital, and TV platforms to get our message and mission to the masses."

    Ted Kinni, Contributing Editor, Strategy+Business


    "Puja is a communications pro. She knows how to get my attention and never wastes my time. Even better, in an era when irrelevant pitches are the norm, the ideas and books she brings to me are invariably substantive and engaging."

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